Browse through these FAQ's to see if you question can be answered here. If you need help feel free to contact us.

Basic Pedestal Questions

Do I need a pedestal?
Do I need a to be a Taxidermist to order from you?
Do you have cheaper pedestals or bases?
Do you have one of a kind pedestals or bases?
Do you have a e-mail newsletter?

Ordering Questions

How can I oder from you?
How do you accept payment?
How long does it take to get my order?

Questions About Custom Pedestals or Bases

How do I get a price on a custom pedestal?
How are measurements made for custom pedestals or bases?
What does "mounting surface" mean?
How do I get a quote for a custom pedestal or base?
How is my custom pedestal shipped?
OK- I’m ready to order! What do you need from me?
I thought you said you offer free shipping?
Can you ship via LTL truck freight to my home?
Can I return my custom pedestal if I change my mind?

What Pedestal Is Best For My Mount?

Is the pedestal big enough for my mount?
I think I need weight for my pedestal - what can I use?
Can you make the pedestals bigger for my mount?
I need a pedestal for my Whitetail. What do you recommend?
I need a pedestal for my Zebra. What do you recommend?

Shipping & Returns

How do you ship my order?
Can I ship my order to the Taxidermist?
Is my address Commercial? - We need to know for freight shipment.
My address comes back as Residential and its not. This is a business address.
Whats the deal with "Free Shipping"?
The box came and my products have been damaged in shipping. What do I do next?
Oh no! I changed my mind - can I return the products, get an exchange or refund?
Can you issue a call tag and arrange shipping for a return?
I ordered the wrong pedestal, can I exchange it?

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